Special print collections – 10% discount if these are purchased as a set.

Some prints display perfectly with others. If you have wall-space to cover, here is your solution!

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The Big Five (Abstract)

Understated and elegant, The Abstract Big 5 looks amazing on any wall, and makes a great conversation starter!

The Water Ladies

Fill up any space these beautiful big canvasses, epitomising the feminine majesty and tangible spiritual power of Victoria Falls.


African Elements

Our very sought-after ‘African Elements’ collection.

A blend of unique African elements and the striking buntu form. With these images I hope to evoke an understanding of how tightly the two are intertwined; connected. One is part of the other.

Tusks Up / Never Give Up

Two beautifully matched shots of the tallest and the largest land mammals seeking sustenance.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place / Balancing Act

Two baboons practising nonchalance in a giant baobab.

The Battalion

What do you do if you have a full battalion of one of Africa’s most dangerous animals sweeping toward you?

The Nightwatchers

Encounter either of this feline pair in the dark, and count on it being a brief one.