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African Elements


Get this full set of 12, of the ‘African Elements’ collection … or for a custom selection; pick four or more and send us a message telling us which ones you’ve chosen, and the print size you’d prefer! We’ll get back to you with a quote.

In order here, the print names are; Growth, Protection, Freedom, Modesty, Pride, Energy, Diversity, Power, History, Bold, Balance, and Wisdom.?

These are our standard sizes on canvas with UV protection, however, custom sizes and paper printing are also available upon request – please contact us for a quote – we can print on either Lustre 270gsm paper, or Satin 260gsm (printed with Epson Original archival inks).

Selected images can also be ordered in colour, sepia or black & white here.


Man can not survive without nature. This is no truer than in Africa where people’s roots and very survival extend deep into the soil; the same as the trees, savanna grasslands, the wildlife.

In these modern times it is conveniently easy to forget this vital connectin. To undermine how important it is for the soul of the people; for the survival of the African bush. Economics and politics dictate and demand processes that are in stark contrast to this harmony. Too swiftly the world justifies money, internet access, burgeoning civilisation and first word conveniences.

We need to look more internally when it comes to Africa and her people, The simplicity; how it can be, how it was and how it still should be.

The true happiness that is found when people connect back to the sand, dust, grass; the rain, its history.

As Africans we all understand this feeling. It’s within us. I’m hoping these images will inspire some of that emotion in others who were not as fortunate to have been born African. And also to remind those of us who were, as custodians of this continent, to be brave enough to remain true to Africa and what is truly African.

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100 cm x 100 cm | 39,4 " x 39,4 ", 50 cm x 50 cm | 19,7 " x 19,7 ", 60 cm x 60 cm | 23,6 " x 23,6 ", 70 cm x 70 cm | 27,6 " x 27,6 ", 80 cm x 80 cm | 31,5 " x 31,5 ", 90 cm x 90 cm | 35,4 " x 35,4 "

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