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Welcome to the Tami Walker online gallery

Tami Walker is a Zimbabwe born photographer based in Victoria Falls, she focuses on her passion; the African Wildlife and surrounds. Well known for her monochrome work which creates a striking contrast between the subject and the background.

Her love for photography blossomed after taking her first successful and recognized image, ‘Rush Hour’ which remains one of her best known photographs. Her work is displayed in a few different books, as well as in her very own gallery in Victoria Falls.

She opened the Tami Walker Fine Art Gallery in 2018, and it has since become a great attraction for people visiting Victoria Falls, whether it be to view her range of images or to relax and have a coffee while watching the warthogs and baboons roam nearby.

Tami’s photography is a product of passion, love and a deep admiration for this beautiful continent of Africa. Her hope is for this to translate though in her images.

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